Just In: Frank Lampard reveals N’Golo Kante ‘problem’ as he issues honest verdict on Chelsea star

Frank Lampard has revealed that he only had one ‘problem’ with tireless midfielder N’Golo Kante at Stamford Bridge during his time in charge of west London club.

The Blues icon spent 18 months working with Kante before he was sacked and replaced by Thomas Tuchel towards the end of January this year.

During the former Chelsea midfielder’s first campaign in charge of west London club, Kante was hampered by a hamstring injury and he unable to delivered standout performer throughout the campaign.

The Frenchman battled with same issue following season before resolved when Thomas Tuchel become the head coach of the club at the end of January this year.

And under the German coach, the tireless midfielder has arguably taken his game to another level, with the 30-year-old playing such a huge part in the Blues’ Champions League success last season.

Kante produced sensational performances against Atletico Madrid before shone in both legs of the semi-finals against Real Madrid and then finals itself versus Manchester City, with Chelsea securing their second European crown with the 1-0 victory in Porto.

Speaking during the BBC’s coverage of France’s 2-2 draw with Portugal on Wednesday evening – where Kante played the full 90 minutes as Les Bleus topped Group F, Lampard issued his honest verdict on his former midfielder, while also speaking about a ‘problem’ he had with the Frenchman in training sessions.

‘When I arrived at Chelsea he’d been off the back of playing so regularly for a few seasons because everyone relies on him so much, he’d had an injury that took him into my first season, we missed him a lot,’ Lampard said.

‘You seriously miss N’Golo in big games because he’s a big-game player. Nobody will want to play against him because of the attributes he’s got.

‘In those big games, finals, tournament football, players like N’Golo are just priceless.

‘The main reason why he’s so good that he’s the best in the world at being a destructor. When I say destructor I’m talking about winning the ball back.

‘To win the ball back with his anticipation, having the speed to get tight and close distances, his main attribute for me is destruction, leaving areas to win balls back.

‘An old-fashioned holding midfield player you’d say would sit in front of the back four, Makelele did it years ago for Chelsea so well

“But he has so much more to his game. When you see the distances he closes to get in front of people, that acceleration and speed, that is something special to him, it’s very unique.”

N’Golo Kante hugging his mummy after inspired the Blues to win Champions League trophy over Manchester City
N’Golo Kante outstanding performances against Manchester City

He added: ‘He can do multiple jobs at the same time. He makes people around him better, he helps everybody.

‘He’s exactly how you’d expect from the outside, nothing’s an act, he’s very humble, very quiet, he doesn’t want loads of conversation.

‘The problem I found with him more than anything was trying to hold him back in training because every day you train and you let him off the leash in an opposed session he does that, and you have to try to pull him back because he can just put that output into anything he does.

‘He’s incredible, he’s exactly what you see from the outside.’

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